Simple. Reliable. Affordable.
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Plug Into Power & Get Instant Internet

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4G/5G Network

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High Speed - Starting At 25mbps Download

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Running On America’s #1 Network

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Budget Friendly Pricing

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No Technicians Or Complicated Setup Required

The Most Comprehensive Coverage in the US

Our service runs on America's top 3 networks!

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Great little WAP
I bought one of these a while back but I needed to get the signal on the another floor a bit stronger. So now I have two of these set as wireless access points and have a good coverage for the whole house. It all pays good together as one network with one password.
June 27, 2023
Worked like a charm
Worked as advertised, good range and easy to use. Also support openWRT.
Brett J Richter
April 29, 2023

Backup Internet

Reliable redundancy: Ensure uninterrupted operations with a backup network, providing a fail-safe internet connection for business continuity and data security

Remote Workers

Seamless productivity anywhere: Empowering remote workers with instant internet access for efficient collaboration and uninterrupted workflow.

Pop-Ups, Vendors, and Mobile Businesses

On-the-go connectivity: Stay connected on the move with instant internet ensuring smooth transactions and customer interactions.

On-The-Go Internet

Stay connected on the move: Enable seamless internet access for events and seminars, enhancing the overall experience for attendees and employees alike.

The shock-resistant 7mm micro plastic bars that surround the Zaptek zapper core, ensures it is completely safe for children and pets

Additional Reviews

Easy set up, quality product
Easy to setup. outstanding signal strength and reasonably priced.
March 13, 2023
I have bought way too many of these things for various people. They are great.
January 7, 2023
Outstanding company they back their product!
Great product with flexibility and they back their product up!
Jamie h.
October 16, 2022
Works Great
I bought this for my VR Headset as it uses 5Ghz and my PC uses 2.4Ghz and it knows to switch and works great for both aplications.... Easy setup, no need to configure anything, plugged it in and that was that...
Steven Lewis
May 20. 2021
Strong Signal
We are very pleased with how this router has worked and are planning to purchase another. Additionally it saves us from paying a monthly fee from our carrier to rent a router. Great value!
June 2, 2021
Excellent quality price
VPN client really works!!!
Oct 4, 2022
Nice replacement!
This appears to work great and was a nice upgrade from the previous router that was struggling to keep up.
May 17, 2022
Easy to install and use
I was a bit worried about how hard it would be to set up the router, but it was super simple. It took around 2-3 minutes to set up without any prior experience in setting up the router. My main issue with setting up that made the setup take longer was from the communal internet companies side with server issues. Apart from that small bump, this router is amazing.
March 25, 2022
Good price
Good router for the price.
Marcus Hart
December 6, 2021
Update firmware immediately, you will be glad you did
After download and install firmware on three of these, the connections was made with a simple button press on all 3. Then you can set up your wireless network name and password. Great deal. Isn't a spot where wireless isn't available on my 1 acre property with 3000 sq ft house. Great Value!
Amazon Customer
September 4, 2021

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