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Every 19 seconds there is a cyber attempt on a small to mid-sized business. Get your business protected today.

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Fun Facts

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field, with the global market expected to reach over $300 billion by 2024.

The first recorded cyberattack occurred in 1834, when a group of hackers used primitive electromechanical machines to disrupt a telegraph line.

Many common cybersecurity terms, such as "firewall" and "spam," are named after real-world objects or concepts.

In addition to protecting businesses and governments, cybersecurity is also crucial for protecting individuals, as more and more of our daily activities and personal information are stored online.

Newcore Cyber Insurance Solutions

Data security breaches can be costly and damaging to any business. In a matter of minutes, one malicious hacker could put your operations on pause or expose confidential information – leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits and other consequences that may end up putting an unwelcome strain on financial results. Protecting your network is essential in today’s digital world – don’t risk it!

Newcore Cyber Insurance Solutions

Basic Coverage

This package offers protection against common cyber threats, such as malware attacks and data breaches. It may also include support for recovering from an attack and assistance with legal claims.

Comprehensive Coverage

This package includes all the features of the basic and advanced packages, as well as additional features such as coverage for business interruption and reputational damage. It may also include access to a dedicated cybersecurity expert who can provide ongoing support and advice.

Advanced Coverage

This package includes all the features of the basic package, but with added protection against more sophisticated cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks and network intrusions. It may also include additional support for crisis management and public relations.